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Best Video Social Media Platforms

In the last decade, communication on the Internet has become extremely popular. Almost everyone today has a page on a social media network. Besides, the popularity of video content has significantly contributed to the expansion of networks that have it. Do you know which social networks are the most popular in the world? Read on the post to find out.

Video Social Networks

To define which social networks can be attributed to this group, it is necessary to remember that almost any contemporary social media platform enables users to post various video content. Therefore, the most popular social networks are the most popular video social media platforms as well.


The United States and China have taken a monopoly among the 10 largest social networks with the most users in the world. Facebook, with an impressive 2 million 320 thousand unique users per month, is considered the digital platform that unites most people, followed by YouTube with 1 million 900 thousand unique users per month and WhatsApp with 1 million 600 thousand users. They lead the ranking of the most popular social networks in 2020-2021. This rating looks like this:


  1. Sina Weibo — 446 million visitors per month (China);
  2. TikTok — 500 million (China);
  3. QZone — 535 million (China);
  4. QQ — 805 million (China);
  5. Instagram — 1 million (US);
  6. Wechat — 1 million 100 thousand (China);
  7. FB Messenger — 1 million 400 thousand (US);
  8. WhatsApp — 1 million 600 thousand (US);
  9. YouTube — 1 million 900 thousand (US);
  10. Facebook — 2.3 million (US).


Some of them are mostly used like messengers, therefore, they cannot be called video content social platforms. However, the two most popular ones, Facebook and YouTube, are undeniably the platforms for video content.

What’s the Future of Video Content?

According to Zenith Online Video Forecast carried out in 2019, in 2021, an average person will watch 100 minutes of online video. Compared with 2019, this figure was up to 84 minutes. That’s 25 days of continuous video viewing per year.


Zenith predicts an increase in online video investment from $45 billion in 2019 to $61 billion in 2021. An average annual increase of 18% in online advertising overall. This will be equivalent to a third of the total TV market in 2021 (1/4 this year). Meanwhile, investment in TV in the same period will decline from $183 billion to $180 billion. Therefore, video content posted on social media platforms will only grow in its demand and popularity.

In-stream and Out-stream Video

Video inventory is in high demand, and publishers add promotional videos before, during, or after watching video content on the Internet (in-stream ads), as well as video ads that appear next to other content, text, images, or posts (out-stream advertising). 


In some markets, out-stream ads are very common and make up the majority of video ads. The trend may soon change and swing towards in-stream as social networks are actively investing in the development of their own mobile TV products.