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How to Create Engaging Video Content

The social media and Internet business has never been easy. At the very beginning of digital marketing, including SMM, as well as even now, it is not easy for businesses to compete in the virtual world.


There is a study on the Internet that says that a modern city dweller receives more information in a week than a medieval person in one’s entire life. And the lion’s share of this volume is generated by social networks. How, in this case, to build an effective strategy for the presence of your video content in a news feed of your potential clients?

The Concept of Engaging Content

Engaging content is any content that motivates a user to start communicating with a brand:


  • comment, 
  • like, 
  • watching videos, 
  • sending screenshots to Direct, etc. 


At the same time, it doesn’t matter where a user has seen your content, the main thing is that this user wanted to somehow interact with your publication.

How to Create Engaging Video Content

Why do you need engaging content? The algorithmic feed is based on the principle — the more actions a publication receives to a coverage unit, the higher priority this publication has in users’ feeds. Therefore, the creation of engaging video content is one of the main tasks of contemporary marketers. Here are some useful tips that can help with this.

#1: Localization

Dynamic formats such as GIFs, short videos, unique illustrations, and photographs that are specially prepared for this audience and brand, taking into account trends and news events, and, of course, local stories — it is what users expect. A person is much more concerned about the news of one’s region or city than about the events on another continent.

#2: Segmentation

When preparing video content for social networks and other internet resources, today, it is not enough to write a text and select a video or image for it. Before creating each post, you need to answer several important questions:


  1. Who is it for?
  2. Why read it?
  3. What reaction do we expect from a user?


Many SMM managers have decided to forget about marketing and just started writing, coming up with headings based on their own vision. In the case when the construction of brand communication is based on a deep analysis of the interests of the target audience and the promotion of content only to TA, the effectiveness of all work is significantly enhanced.

#3: Financial Investments

Fortunately or unfortunately, the algorithmic feed has influenced the amount of content that brands need to produce. Earlier hitting the feeds ensured the frequency and regularity of the release, now you can not chase the quantity but focus on quality because in any case, each publication will have to be additionally promoted for a fee. High-quality unique content is often impossible to create without investing additional resources.


Finally, depending on your product and niche, you can work out one’s own unique approaches to video content creation. Thus, it is worth experimenting with various formats of videos and checking the reaction of the audience.