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Must-Have Equipment When Creating Video Content

To become a content creator, you need to have at least basic hardware knowledge. You may be asking yourself the questions, “Which camera should I use? What will help improve sound and light?”


If you have a lot of questions, take your time to research. Remember your shooting style and your goals. Some vloggers set themselves a goal and perfectly polish every video, others just shoot something authentic. If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can start by buying the cheapest equipment, which can then be replaced or expanded depending on your needs.

Cameras for Video Recording

One of the most important decisions is the choice of camera. First, think about what you want to achieve with your films. The two most popular types are:


  • Compact cameras, that is, simple, versatile devices that are great for recording vlogs in almost any environment. Some models have an LCD to help you see the shot. These are, as a rule, inexpensive cameras, but they support the quality of shooting in Full HD (1080) format at 60 frames per second. Many vloggers use them every day.
  • DSLR cameras provide a more cinematic result, however, using them requires some skill. They are equipped with interchangeable lenses and are much heavier, and focusing can be difficult. Such devices are more expensive and are chosen by vloggers who value professional results.


In the beginning, you can always use the camera built into your smartphone. It won’t give you the same quality as a DSLR, but that’s enough as long as you save up for a real camera.

Sound Recording Equipment

Good sound is the foundation. Viewers often do not pay attention to lighting imperfections, but bad sound will scare them off. Here are some tips on how to improve the audio quality of your video:

  • If you use a microphone built into the camera, the best sound quality can be obtained by staying up to 120 cm away from it. 
  • If you choose an external microphone, configuration depends on location and other factors.
  • Some vloggers buy directional microphones as they are good at recording natural sounds from a greater distance.

Frame Lighting Equipment

Many video creators use point-to-point lighting. It consists of illuminating the main actor with two light sources installed on opposite sides. In this configuration, the main light provides the base light and the other one provides additional lighting to balance shadows.

What Else You May Need 

In addition to physical hardware, vloggers also have a wide range of editing software. Maybe you already have a simple editing program on your computer or decide to use the services of free editors. When you get beyond the basic level, then think about updating your software and switching to professional editors that include more sophisticated features and effects.