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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Video on Social Media

Stories, messengers, clips, vlogs, ads — videos are everywhere. It awakens the interest of the audience and represents a product or company from the right side. Video content is not just a way to tell a story about the company but also an effective marketing approach that can boost company profits and revenue rates. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of incorporating video content in your SMM strategy:

  1. Video catches user interest and adds color to the company image and brand. Most millennials (from 18 to 33) regularly watch video content on social networks;
  2. Your potential customers may have accounts on social media platforms, and not posting branded videos is just a wrong approach to digital marketing;
  3. Video is about customer engagement and retention, which is better than just product info sharing;
  4. Almost half of the users buy something after they watch a video on social media networks, and social media algorithms give preference to publications with video;
  5. Nowadays, the popularity of video content has grown even more, especially when it comes to live broadcasts. 

The success of the video has been confirmed by more than one study:

  • 80% of users would watch a video representing a brand instead of reading a post (according to a Livestream survey);
  • Video content brings the highest ROI to entrepreneurs (according to recent studies of digital marketers);
  • 76% of customers bought something only after watching a video with a full description of the product (data from Wyzowl).


Your Brand Needs a Social Media Page

Obviously, having a corporate page on social networks is a good way to expand your customer reach and engage your target audience. Apart from that, there are some other great reasons for registering on social media platforms. 

Having a corporate account on a social network, you can ensure a huge audience flow since every second person uses Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Share high-quality content, make connections, interact, create special posts for target audiences. This will bring you new customers and will help sell your products or services more effectively. With a well-thought-out SMM strategy, you can expand your CRM and build effective communication with your existing leads and contacts.



Your brand’s engagement on social media can significantly boost your reputation and win customer loyalty, to begin with. The appearance of your brand on social networks will once again attract potential customers and help you brand yourself from the right perspective. If you do not have an account on social networks yet, we recommend that you register soon and develop a well-thought-out SMM strategy addressing customer interests and company needs.