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Video Content Types: Vlog, How to, Testimonial, Live Streaming, Product Review

According to statistics, the duration of video viewing on YouTube is 50 million hours a day, and on Facebook, it is generally 100 million hours. Over 80% of the world’s consumer traffic is online videos. So, video content is a powerful tool, and every business owner should think about creating it. It’s hard to imagine a situation where video content can harm a company. 

Types of Video Content

Videos are used by every kind of enterprise — from transcontinental corporations to private craftsmen. And this is reasonable given the statistics presented above. With the help of a video, you can easily show a client something that cannot be told through text. Let us focus on the most popular types of video content.

  • Vlog 

It is an abbreviated form of a video blog and its difference is that the content of the vlog is presented exclusively by video materials. The work of a video blogger, although creative, requires a lot of effort and skills. It’s not enough to just record a video and upload it to the web. A vlogger’s activity consists of long and painstaking work. First, you need to understand what it is and how to correctly draw up a content plan, and the subsequent activity will consist of the following:


  • editing, 
  • applying special effects, 
  • selection of music, 
  • work with graphics and processing.


  • How-to Content

The popularity of how-to search queries has resulted in the increased demand for this type of video content. In general, with the help of such materials, businesses can not only help users fulfill certain actions but also advertise their products and services like the solution to the problems potential customers have got. One may check the example of how to video review and understand how effective this type of content is.

  • Testimonials

Video testimonials are a great tool to tell your business story to customers, but if you constantly make self-advertising in your reviews, then people will not trust you or even refuse your services and goods altogether.


You have probably more than once noticed how influential and effective are the recommendations left by customers who have experience in using any product, and this is one of the most effective marketing tools.

  • Live Streaming

This kind of content has become popular in recent years due to the functions implemented by the most commonly used social networks. It is especially popular among followers of celebrities who like watching the common life of the stars.

  • Product Review

The last but not least type of video content described in the article is a product review. A well-thought-out review is an undeniably handy tool for every business. It is especially effective when it comes to the presentation of a new product that is new in the market. 


Video content is no less crucial than text. Therefore, if you own a business, include the creation of these materials into your content plan, and you will see the results.